Naj's all-time favourite book quotes

"The problem with people is they forget that most of the time it’s the small things that count. Everyone’s so busy waiting in the Waiting Place."— Jennifer Niven

Words of wisdom

"A 22-year-old who's obsessed with books. She reads, A LOT, watch movies and tv, and oh she blogs too. Sorry for the hiccups here and there. Hope there are enough bubbles to make it up. "

About me

There's nothing personal about me that you have to know, really. My insecure levels are high. I'm really scared of this cruel world called the internet and I choose not to share my personal things where people can actually be all stalker-ish on me. I used to actually put lots of personal infos online, and pictures too which I regret later on in life. 

Now, I'm just gonna say that hello, I'm Najwa. And nothing more. 

But well, generally, just so you know, I like to read, write and  a movie freak. I blog randomly about anything I can think of when I started typing. I let my fingers bring me to wherever they want on the keyboard. Which makes me a keyboard warrior muehehehe

But seriously. 

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