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Thursday, 16 February 2017

January Wrap-up - MOVIES AND TV SHOWS

Movies and TV shows I watched in January

Younger (TV series)

I started watching in late December. Binge watching it til season 3 which I think was a bad idea as it was my study week and I didn't get much studying because of it. And also because now, I have to wait for summer til the new season comes out ugh. But lemme say that Josh is SO FINEEE.

TeenWolf Season 6A 

I finished season 6A and it's about goddamn time STYDIA happened. This season was so dark, totally not my favourite season because Stiles wasn't in most of the episodes but yknow, let's see 6B. Also I think that's why the season gets so dark and unhumourous (?). THERE WAS NO STILES. No Stiles = No humour = DARK DAYS.

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix series)

It was SO good. Full of dark humour but SO SO GOOD. That is all I want to say.

Passengers - I went to watch it with my friends at the theatre. It was enjoyable but not like OMG ITS SO AMAZING YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT enjoyable. It's refreshing to see Jennifer Lawrence not being Katniss Everdeen lol. She's so pretty in it too I can't even. Chris Pratt was also fine as hell.

Sing - Also went to watch this at the cinema with my little sister, Najla. IT WAS SO GREAT. I was dancing to every song the whole damn time. Shimmying and clapping with my sister as if we are at the concert of Sing itself. We had a great time.

College Road Trip - SO FUNNY. Raven Symone was the star of the movie and it feels so good to see her on screen again with her sense of humour and all the crazy funny stuff. She's damn hilarious.

Forrest Gump - First time watching it because my dad has been raving about it to me non-stop I just had to. It was great but I think I was overhyped by my dad that I think it was just an okay watch? Idk but it's still good though. The special effects, the message, the inspirational quotes and the romance ohmygod. It's very VERY emotional.

The Princess Diaries 2 : The Royal Engagement - It's the other way around this time. Mom forced me to watch this. LOVED IT. I love Chris Pine and Anne Hathaway ohmygod.

Zootopia (rewatch) - because my little siblings wanted to. Still enjoyable eventhough I've watched it for like 83742894789 times alrdy. NICK AND JUDY IS STILL MY ALL TIME FAV OTP.

Inside Out (rewatch) - same reason as the above but still made me cry like baby during the ending

All the HP movies (rewatch) - because it was marathon HP time on HBO and I force my mom to watch it with me - SHE ENJOYED EM YASS

Mockingjay Part 2 (rewatch) - Because I want my mom to watch it. Basically forced her to do so.

Unfriended (rewatch) - Also because I want my mom to see it.

Into the Woods (rewatch): Just because I want to.

Descendants (rewatch): I miss it and just because I want to.

January Wrap-Up - BOOKS

I know it's like mid february already but WHATEVER.

January wasn't really a productive month for me. Hence why I didn't read much and also why I watch so much tv and movies heh. TV and the internet kills books. Thanks a lot, TV and internet.

Books I read in January

The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan 
( 2.5/5 stars)

I didn't enjoy this book at all. Ok maybe the reason why I enjoyed it a little tiny bit of a smudge of it was because of how sweet Dash is. Other than that, NADA. It was slow and Lily was so annoying and immature and I didn' really remember Lily being like this in the first book. Because yknow I highly enjoy both Dash & Lily in the first book and when I was told there was a 2nd book I was ecstatic I mean, contemporaries needs to be a series to know what happens then in their lives right? But boy was I wrong. High expectations will just lead you to frustration.

Fly On The Wall by E. Lockhart
(3/5 stars)

Let me tell you this: I love E.Lockhart's We Were Liars. So like, I really had high expectations of this book. But then again, let me quote this again; "High expectations will just lead you to frustration.". It is LITERALLY a story about this girl who accidentally magically transformed herself into a fly and she just hangs around on a wall in the boy's locker room. Yeap, literally FLY ON THE WALL, throughout the whole book. It doesn't have much closure, the story was unrealistic and like SO DAMN CLICHE. She eventually gets the guys in the end right but can you not make it so fast and unrealistic?????????

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
(5/5 stars)

BEST BOOK OF THE MONTH hands down. It took me literally 2 freaking years to finish this book. So during my sem break, I read it til the end and ohmygod. I. WAS. NOT. OKAY. I am still not okay now when I think of it. The pace picked up kinda fast on where they left out in Six of Crows. I didn't realize I miss the crow crew so much until I read this. They all are my babies. I love them all so much. The ending had me bawling. THEY ALSO HAD STURMHOND IN HERE LIKE?????? Can it get any better?????? This book is perfect. I love this book. I want to marry this book.

You Are Here by Jennifer E. Smith
(4/5 stars)

It was a quick, and light read. The fact that I read this after Crooked Kingdom makes the experience a lot better. It was a nice contemporary read after some heavy fantasy stuff. Also, it's a road trip book. Have I told you how much I live for road trip books? They're SO fun. Anddddd it's a best friends to lovers story too IT'S JUST SO CUTE!!!

The Piper's Son by Melina Marchetta
(4.5/5 stars)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book though it took me a while to read it. A week, to be specific. It wasn't as good as Saving Francesca, I mean SF was so much relatable to me I guess? But still it was such a great read, I love how they address the family and friendship element well and how it is suitable for both adults and young adults with alternative POVs between Tom and Georgie. I appreciate how Marchetta brings back old characters from SF as well like Frankie, and Will and Tara Finke (*winks*). It was filled with so much angst and humour and I LOVE IT. I guess the Marchetta hype was real after all.

Hola 2017

Ok so I've made a promise to myself in my 2017 new year's resolution video that I would be blogging more this year as my writing have been getting a whole lot worse because I don't have enough practice as I was used to before. I honestly think I've made a lot of mistakes by this line right now ugh. See why I need to do this? I think I have to at least update my blog once per month. Or if I ever get to be consistent and committed I might do it a whole lot more? I guess.

Anyway I kind of failed with the attempt to update once a month since it's already February. Great job, Najwa.

Like, I've planned to review books, and or even movies or tv shows I've watched but yknow, let's face it, I will never commit myself fully to this. My YouTube channel has also been abandoned for a month now. Sorry not sorry.

I have moved into a new apartment with a shared room with 3 other roommates. Not that I'm complaining but I will never have me-time to do videos or whatever that I need to do now. I swear if I were to have more money, I would've just get a room by my own. But sokay, no regrets. At least I  have company. My roommates this time around are a lot more friendly and I gotta say they're the best ones so far. Our talks are unending and it's hard to find an awkward moment though sometimes I do felt a little bit left out but it's okay. I'm only a week in, I got lots time to catch up on with them.

My results last semester was shit. I'm not kidding. It was actually worse than shit. To say I didn't expect that would be a lie because I kind of expect that kind of results. I just hope I wouldn't go into probation. Thank god I didn't get to. My overall GPAs didn't pass average so I have to say byebye to scholarships and study loans I've applied. It's only February but I've already had a shitty year to begin with. But sokay, still a long way to go in 2017, right?

So because of that, some other alternatives I can get money from is that I've also started a business with my friend, Ekin. We started off my selling mini skirts which went out pretty good the first month we kicked off our Instashop account. We reached 1k followers in 2 months ( i think?) which is pretty impressive. Though our newest products, pucci shawl and bawal didn't really get much attention and sales as we got lots of competition with other instashops but oh well, that's business right?

Besides getting money for college fees and all, we also are saving money from our business for travelling purposes. I promised myself that I will go travelling abroad this year, even though it takes 12 months for that but I will go someday this year. So let's just see aye?

2017, be good to me and the people around me. Please.