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Thursday, 16 February 2017

January Wrap-up - MOVIES AND TV SHOWS

Movies and TV shows I watched in January

Younger (TV series)

I started watching in late December. Binge watching it til season 3 which I think was a bad idea as it was my study week and I didn't get much studying because of it. And also because now, I have to wait for summer til the new season comes out ugh. But lemme say that Josh is SO FINEEE.

TeenWolf Season 6A 

I finished season 6A and it's about goddamn time STYDIA happened. This season was so dark, totally not my favourite season because Stiles wasn't in most of the episodes but yknow, let's see 6B. Also I think that's why the season gets so dark and unhumourous (?). THERE WAS NO STILES. No Stiles = No humour = DARK DAYS.

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix series)

It was SO good. Full of dark humour but SO SO GOOD. That is all I want to say.

Passengers - I went to watch it with my friends at the theatre. It was enjoyable but not like OMG ITS SO AMAZING YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT enjoyable. It's refreshing to see Jennifer Lawrence not being Katniss Everdeen lol. She's so pretty in it too I can't even. Chris Pratt was also fine as hell.

Sing - Also went to watch this at the cinema with my little sister, Najla. IT WAS SO GREAT. I was dancing to every song the whole damn time. Shimmying and clapping with my sister as if we are at the concert of Sing itself. We had a great time.

College Road Trip - SO FUNNY. Raven Symone was the star of the movie and it feels so good to see her on screen again with her sense of humour and all the crazy funny stuff. She's damn hilarious.

Forrest Gump - First time watching it because my dad has been raving about it to me non-stop I just had to. It was great but I think I was overhyped by my dad that I think it was just an okay watch? Idk but it's still good though. The special effects, the message, the inspirational quotes and the romance ohmygod. It's very VERY emotional.

The Princess Diaries 2 : The Royal Engagement - It's the other way around this time. Mom forced me to watch this. LOVED IT. I love Chris Pine and Anne Hathaway ohmygod.

Zootopia (rewatch) - because my little siblings wanted to. Still enjoyable eventhough I've watched it for like 83742894789 times alrdy. NICK AND JUDY IS STILL MY ALL TIME FAV OTP.

Inside Out (rewatch) - same reason as the above but still made me cry like baby during the ending

All the HP movies (rewatch) - because it was marathon HP time on HBO and I force my mom to watch it with me - SHE ENJOYED EM YASS

Mockingjay Part 2 (rewatch) - Because I want my mom to watch it. Basically forced her to do so.

Unfriended (rewatch) - Also because I want my mom to see it.

Into the Woods (rewatch): Just because I want to.

Descendants (rewatch): I miss it and just because I want to.

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