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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Time flies

Hellooo people of the world :)

So the holidays had just started. Well, not apparently 'just started'. It's day 5 of the school mid term break. DAY 5 already? Yes, time do flies fast. Time nowadays flies fast before you can say "FLY". HAHA. It's one of the signs that our world is going to end.

Some of the signs of the world is going to end are:

  • Time flies fast
  • People changing genders
  • Wild animals become tame
  • Sex everywhere
  • Babies are thrown away worrilessly
Those are only some I've stated. There's a lot more. Well talking about this, our world is going to end. Pretty soon I guess. But when? NOBODY KNOWS. All we know is it's going to happen on a Friday. Some people say it's on Friday the 13th. NONSENSE. Superstitiously making such assumptions.

So this end-of-the-world thing is -to be honest- a very sensitive topic to me. When talking about "THE END OF THE WORLD" what comes to your mind? Well as for me, I imagined the end of the world will be having tornados, hurricanes, larva-exploding-volcanos and people are awaken from the dead with different ways- which I think will be the scariest thing ever seen. Long story shorten, this end of the world is seems like really END OF THE WORLD and we cannot do anything about it anymore. If we're not prepared for it, doomsday it'll be for us. As when the sun rises up from the west, all the doors of repent will be shut close. And a single repentation will never be accepted after that. So that's why we must start repenting from now.

I don't know what else to tell you about this end-of-the-world topic. Anyways, of you wanna know more, enjoy this video of the most amazing girl I've ever found on Youtube, Adibah Awang :)

Jannah is our final and forever destination, InsyaALLAH :)


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