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Monday, 27 May 2013

A bridge that must be crossed

Mind me if I spammed you guys with a lot of posts in one day. Well still excited to the new blog thingy I supposed.

There are good and bad things in our lives by living in this world. All of us have been experienced the sweet and bitter of life. Maybe the differences are the number of experience they've been through. We think that the eldest must have been experienced quite a lot. But it's not surprise to see that the young experienced quite a lot too. And also it's not a surprise to see the eldest experienced the least right? As time goes by, your journey continues, it's like riding on a roller coaster, with ups and downs, twists and twirls.

Nowadays people tend to think that if something bad happens to them it's like the end of the world. As if they'd better die than living in this world. This world is nothing to them. In their thoughts, this world is just a place where we wake up and go back to sleep again. NO! It's nothing like that! Living in this world is more than waking up and get back to sleep again. Much, much more than that. In fact, having a chance to live in this world and not dying is actually a dream of all mankind. To live longer and forever if possible but people nowadays misunderstood the aim of living.

Before someone was born, into this world, they'll be ask by Allah whether they'll take the challenge of being a khalifah in this world who stands for Allah and never worship anyone or anything besides Allah. And when mankind agrees, Allah will let him step into this world. Into this crucial world. And his life began. But when he didn't do what Allah told him to do and does what He hates, that's when trials will come slowly and steadily without he even knowing. Trials may come in a good way and in a bad way. Or it may come in both ways. For example, we see a bad person gets good things in his life. And we questioned to ourselves "Why did he get all the things he want?" . Well, basically, that's because Allah wants to test him whether his iman is still strong enough with all the worldly things he have. And you also questioned "Why didn't I get to be like him? I'm not bad." Well maybe you still have a slight feeling of unsincerity in you or maybe your relationship with Allah haven't been good lately. Questioned yourself back with what you didn't do. Check whether if you did something bad or you didn't do anything that Allah's orders. OR as Adibah Awang said in one of her posts, recheck your niat, your relationship with Allah, your relationship with your mom and dad, your relationship with your families, friends and teachers. And last but not least, your ibadah. Maybe your ibadah is quite harsh or to be more specific, you do ibadah to let people see it, with no sincere. One more thing, never think that your ibadah and good deeds to please Allah is enough. Cause they'll never gonna be enough comparing to all the sins we've made.

Remember to always remember Allah and be grateful for whatever He gives you.

“So make remembrance of Me, and I will make remembrance of you.  And show thanks to Me, and do not be ungrateful.” [Qur’an 2:152]

As in Maher Zain song, "This beautiful wordly life has an end. It's just a bridge that must be crossed to a life that will go on forever"  which is the Hereafter.

Jannah is our final and forever destination InsyaAllah :)


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