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Sunday, 26 May 2013


Hello everyone :)

There's this thing that I think everyone is having problems with. It's what we called sincerity. Even I faced the same problem too.

Sincerity is the opposite of 'riak' or feel of pride of doing something good. Like proud in a bad way or smug to be more specific.For example, when we go to one place and we saw a beggar begging for food or money and we gave them some but in our hearts, there is no sincerity, but in fact, we tend to hope that people see us doing that and maybe people will give a compliment to us so that we can be proud and a show-off to everyone.

'Riak' is a very dangerous thing, it's a thing that we didn't notice we're doing it. It's like an automatic thing to us. The meaning of riak is very crucial and cronic and Rasulullah is frightened by it as Rasulullah SAW has once said "One thing that I'm worried of  is tiny 'syirik' in people" And the sahabat asked him "What is that tiny syirik Ya Rasulullah?" He answered "Riak." (HR Ahmad)

So that means riak is also a syirik. A tiny one. And the most dangerous one.

Example of riak we always do:

1) Suddenly we diligently doing ibadah when there are a lot of people there to see us but we're lazy to do ibadah when we're alone.

2) Become more hardworking when people gave us compliments but when people said bad things to us, we're lazy.

3) Feel restless and uncalm when people doesn't know our good deeds that we've done.

4) When we just bought a new handbag, a branded one and we tend to show-off the brand to people by putting the brand name on the front so that people will see it and think that we are rich or fancy or luxurious in any ways.

My mom always advises to me "When there's a slight feeling of riak in you, think of the aim of you're doing that thing. It's for the sake of Allah."

And insyaALLAH when we think that way, Allah will reward us with his redha and insyaALLAH, paradise in the hereafter.

Jannah is our final and forever destination, insyaALLAH :)

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