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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Alone and mute

Is it wrong being alone? Is it wrong to be by yourself once in a while? It’s just that whenever I’m alone people would say, “You’re alone? Poor you.”

Why? I like being alone.

It feels so calm and it relaxes my mind. Whenever I’m alone, I like to think of incredible things, letting my imagination run wild as I stroll down the pavement. I like to eat alone cause I’m comfortable with it. No one would complain if I eat too much or too little. I like to walk alone because it helps me to release the stress. It also makes me realize the wonderful nature around me, how grateful I am to be able to breathe and see everything in this world. Whenever I’m alone, I don’t have to care about what people think of what I say, what I see or whatever.

When I’m alone, I’m just….me.

That’s why I like being alone.

But then again, I like having company as well but sometimes too much company is just too…….much.

Having too many people around me causes me to get left out. I’m always the one who gets left out. I never fit in with their conversations or whatever they’re talking about. I’m always the odd one out. My jokes aren’t their type, but I laugh at theirs too much. At times, I tried to fit in the crowd and be like them but it’s just not me. And I hate pretending.

So I just stick with what I’m doing which is to just shut up. At times, I want to voice out my opinions, but they seem to not hear them and when they do, the changed the subject or just being unresponsive.

I don’t know why. I hate to think of people that way, I always want to just husnu dzon with people but sometimes, I just can’t.

So that’s why I just go on with what I like doing, which is being alone and mute. It’s much better and less drama. Well less talk, less sin, right?

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