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Monday, 1 December 2014

Sahabat Benar (um i guess?)

Okay sebenarnya tak reti nak translate true friends in BM. Oh well
"True friends are those who see your faults, give you advices and defend you in your absence." -Ali bin Abi Talib (AS)-
*searches google*

How to avoid sleeping during lecture?

Applies results to self, DIDN'T WORK OUT.

Then decided to ask a friend.

She said, "Imagine what would your family say if they found out you were sleeping during lecture. Sedih, sakit tengok kau datang sini untuk tidur dalam lecture pastu tak siap kerja sebab tak faham. Mindset dalam fikiran kau, I came here to study, niat kena betul."

Gulp. Ooh I need to apply some ice to that burn.

"Mindset lagi aku belajar kerana Allah, bukan PSPM. Aku ngantok ni semua sebab setan. Bodoh setan bodoh."

That very night, I was thinking by myself when everyone's asleep . I guess she's right, niat aku tak betul. Aku dah mindset nak tidur every lecture. Then turns out like that lah. Ya Allah. Apa nak jadi dengan aku ni.

Tomorrow. Is a new day. And I vow to myself I'll try my best to not sleep in lecture.

From that day onwards, during every lecture, I think of my family.
'They're depending on you', I thought to myself.

I force myself to stay awake. Ni semua kerja syaitan. Kau kuat, kau boleh. Kuatkan iman, hati. Lillahitaa'la.

Turns out it actually works.

I realized, not all things Google can solve for you. Sometimes an advice from a friend can change or save your life. And those friends are what I call true friends. I'm very truly grateful to have friends like these beside me through thick and thing. Ni barulah namanya rakan yang memimpin tangan kita ke syurga. Ukhuwah itu sweet kan?

Not to ruin the moment but........I have to go.

-Najwa signing out gracefully and beautifully (over pulak)

P/s: I'm having trust issues with Google right now :/

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