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Wednesday, 4 February 2015


So uh hi.

I'm now currently on my sem break. For a whole week and I didn't even realize I've used the half of it. And lemme tell you, my sem break aain't productive at all. I didn't do anything beneficial I tell you. I didn't even bring any books home. That just shows how a bad student am I.

Oh and I'm sorry I haven't been posting anything for a while now. I guess you guys know why.

Yep. Procrastination gets the best of me.

I don't really know what to post about anyway so....um let's just see where my hand takes me on this keyboard. I'm a keyboard warrior after all. lol

These few weeks had been nothing but hell. Mid terms, assignments and homeworks and some stuff going on. My head won't stop spinning and the sinus headache really gets to me at most time and that's when everything falls apart. Haiyo.

But all in all, despite the tiredness and exhaustion, college had been great and I'm actually sad that it's gonna end in a few months. ;'( Because college had been a great big part of my life that taught me a lot of things, the challenges I've faced, the awesome people I met here, the new environment and a new level of experience. It's just, so so cool. And I'm utterly grateful to have the opportunity to live in this world and experience college life. Alhamdulillah.

I'm never gonna regret this decision like, ever.

Dayah. Izz. Lee. Ekin, Rabia. Hani. Fairuz. Shera. Syaa. Hanis. Kak Tika. Wani. Aishah. Farah. Nurul. Ravi. Zul. Dayat. Syamir. Faiz. Zal. Zakri. Hafiz. Farid. Faris. Khairi. Shadesh. Syahiran. Irfan. Samihah. Hakeemah. Nabila. Yana. Mira. Wan. Fatin. Izzati. Ain. Auni. Adila. Aisyah. Asmaa. Acap. Dayah. Najla. Syabell. Awatif. Dhabitah. Ezan. Intan. Aqilah. Dee. Suria. Maisara. Raihan. Afrina. Afiqah. Syahirah.

These names are the names that wouldn't mean anything to me 9 months ago. I'm eternally grateful to meet these awesome people. I love you guys. To those who doesn't have names inside here know that I love you as equally as I love them or maybe even more coz you're too special that your name would only be in my heart lol.

-Najwa signing out.


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