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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Bookish Life

For my summer break, I've been a lot into reading and bookish stuff. It's been quite a while since I read many books as I entered college. I had no time to read in college and when college has ended I was like, "I NEED TO REUNITE WITH MY LOVELY BOOKS BACK AT HOME." And so I did.

I almost forgot how great it is to enter different worlds, and experience it by just reading books. I almost forgot how fun it is to skim through those lovely pages and the beautiful scent that came out of it. I manage to finish a book per day and it still didn't felt enough. Every time I finished a book, I'll be screaming and crying and had a terrible book hangover. That's when I realize that I'm drunk over books.

So I had a few friends I befriended through instagram whom I followed them because of their beautiful bookish feeds, some of them are Malie, Suraya and Leesya (check out their book blogs out) who I've been following on Instagram since like forever. Their feed was so pretty and that made me more inspired to read more books. I've also subscribed to a few booktubers on Youtube and these things made me more exposed to the book community. As I get to know more new books, new bookish people and made new friends along the way.

Soon after, I decided to join along the book community. I started to make a bookstagram account to share with the world how passionate I am towards book and just how obsessed I am over them. I've gained lots of new friends through that, and people started tagging me to do booktags and stuff. It's just really really fun.

One day Malie invited me to this whatsapp group called Bibliomaniacs which consists of lots of bookworms around Malaysia and I was so surprised to see that I'm not the only one who is crazy over books. Over 50 people in Malaysia alone, was in that group, all of them is just as crazy as I was. It was surreal to see them all, us, all in this group talking and discussing and most importantly fangirl over books and literally screaming together about what we love and enjoy. There was a variety of people in there from different places but share the same interest. There are a few Malaysian booktubers which I just know cease to exist, a few book bloggers and reviewers or just a plain old bookworm. But the most important thing is, we share the same interest with the love of books.

After, I wanted to start a booktube channel (click to go to my channel). I was in such a huge dilemma on whether I wanted to start one or not because I'm scared of how the cruel world might judge me. I have always wanted to start a vlog, over the years but I just don't have the courage. But I've seen the book community being so amazing and lots of people have been getting positive feed backs so I try gathering my courage, took a deep breath and started filming my first ever book vlog. It turned out okay, not that I like it but decent enough to upload it on Youtube. I got my first positive feed back from a few booktubers and it gives me the spirit to do more and more.

Starting from that point, I've feel that I've been more closer to books than I ever did before and my passion on books was different and somehow more passionate about it. I get to know more new books and authors and more genre I didn't even know before. It's just really really great.

This post is dedicated to all the bookish people, Malie, my Bibliomaniacs group members and to those who have been through me along the way, supporting me, and inspiring me everyday! Here's to you guys. *clink glasses*



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