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Monday, 17 August 2015

Life at home: Being a housewife

Rising up early - which is the hardest thing to do - and then, making the bed, tidying up our own room before checking the kitchen. Taking a peek at your little siblings, still sound asleep so you tiptoe your way carefully to the kitchen to do start the day. Your eye automatically went to the sink. "I need to do the dishes," you thought to yourself.`The dishes, lots and lots of dirty, overnight plates and bowls. Soon after, you check your dinner table for rotten snacks or overnight food that needs to be microwaved. Soon after, sighing your way down to the rice cooker, seeing that cold leftover rice, so afraid to be wasted, you get them out to fry them later then off to do the laundry. You went to every room there is in the house, picking every dirty laundry, heaving them to the washing machine, stuff em full and then clicking the buttons to make it work. You were going to sigh again but remembered that lots of people out there have worse things and stuff they should do, some people don't even have a washing machine, they have to wash by hand, which is horrible. So you didn't sigh. You went to take your pan and cooked breakfast. Usually settle in for a nice fried rice with a side of egg and soy sauce. Yum, that'll do. And then your siblings cried, "Oh they've woken up." You went to them and soothe their backs and heads, "There there my lovelies." They went to watch morning cartoons while you're busy at the kitchen, wiping out sweats from your forehead, getting them food for breakfast. After feeding them, it's time for a bath. You took them for a refreshing cold shower, splashing and playing with water until your clothes are dripping wet. Getting them dressed, you went to dry the clothes, hanging them on the rail and push it under the sun. You heaved a long sigh, "Done." You rest your exhausted body on the couch, watching cartoons along with your siblings and then one of them came to you, "Kakak nak aiskrim". You sighed, "Okay." Grab the cone and ice cream from the freezer, putting them together and called to them. "Thank you kakak." You smiled. That soothes you down, somebody appreciated you for what you've done.  
And it's on repeat the next day.

It's been what? A decade since I last wrote here? I am terribly sorry for the lack of update. As if people read all this stuff  *sighs*

The past 4 months of me being at home was literally, well I can't say productive but yea, at least useful. I was planning to get a job for the time-being but my mom refused me to get one. Until the time bibik went back and didn't come back . Since then, I took over her job, and here I am, a part-time maid, part-time babysitter and part-time driver all at once. Or to summarize it in one word, housewife.

Being a housewife ain't easy. The title of 'housewife' is usually underrated and looked down on but for real though, they should be truly respected and given full credits and salary just like those who work in offices and schools or whatever. I'm not saying this just that easy, it's because I experienced it myself for this past 3 months. It's exhausting and I feel like I better go to school or even college than staying at home. And I just can't wait to get out of the house to uni later.

But at the end of the day, I'm going to miss home too. That's just show how people aren't grateful for things they already have. Hmm

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