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Sunday, 29 May 2016

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas // Book Review

RATING: ∞/5 STARS (thats a thing ok)

I am Feyre Cursebreaker. Heh.

To be honest, even after a week and a half finishing ACOMAF - and reread some parts and chapters several times - I still haven't cured from the ACOMAF book hangover. It's like everything I read after ACOMAF just don't live up to my standards anymore. Everything is boring. Which sucked. Because I need and want to read more books!! BUT I CAN'T BECAUSE ALL I THINK WAS FREAKIN ACOMAF. And still - I don't have words to describe how amazing it was. Reviewing this is gonna be hard. So let's see how this goes.

Basically me, ever since I finished reading ACOMAF.

A Court of Mist and Fury follows the story of Feyre, who is now an immortal fae, after going through hell and back in Under the Mountain with Amarantha and she died and resurrected out of true love which makes her into a High Fae. She possessed the seven powers of the High Lords and yeah she's powerful you can say that. She is now living with her true love, Tamlin. He loved her but apparently he loves her too much. Things happen, Rhysand was back and yeah the story takes off from there I guess.

God I am so good at summarising omg. *note the sarcasm

What I think?

Overall I think the plot was amazing. The world building is amazing. You can see so much of the other courts, especially Night Court and there's a new world introduced. YOU ARE GONNA LOVE THE PLACE. It's so magical - VELARIS. Even the name sounds magical already. You also get to see a glimpse of Summer Court, Day Court, Autumn Court and other courts as well, which I very much appreciate Sarah for doing that. It was fast-paced, totally a page-turner, I couldn't put it down. The book has approximately over 500 pages and I finished it in about 5 days I think? That is considered fast to me because I usually read a 200 page fantasy book with dark elements like these in like, 3-5 days as well. So this is a big deal. 

I love how Sarah writes a bit about PTSD though I gotta say I didn't quite get it at first. I researched about it soon after a friend of mine who have also read this book said that it has something about PTSD and I just realized it.

I don't have any problems with it though some people don't like it due to the fact that Sarah dismissed Tamlin like almost instantly, making him hateable in this book just to make way for Rhys. I had to agree with that but I don't feel like it was a really big deal to me. I was completely okay with it. The romance was magnificent to say the least. I guess you would know that Feyre & Rhys is my OTP as of right now. 

Also, THE BOOK WAS INTENSE ALRIGHT. The book was separated into 3 parts and the third part of the book was the most intense part of all. I was on edge at the time like "I can't stop reading this omg it's like 3 in the morning I have to sleep." All in all, it was an emotional roller-coaster ride, I cried, I laughed, I swooned ugh IT WAS JUST SO FULL OF EMOTIONS AND FEELS I CANNOT.

Oh I almost forgot; this ain't a young adult book. It has fully become a new adult fantasy because of the explicit sex scenes (in specific details alright im not even kidding). I was quite disturbed by it tbh. Thought it would be great if it has less mature scenes, just my opinion.


This is gonna be a long one. Okay let's start off with Tamlin. He was in the first few chapters and the few last chapters. ONLY. So Tamlin lovers, sorry to say that he ain't the star now. Rhys is. Now on to Rhysand my bae, he is everything. If you are aware, I am in Team Rhysand ever since the first book, just putting that in here. He was kind of the jerk in the first book, but I can't seem to find a reason to hate him .I just had that feeling that he's actually a good guy deep down AND GOSH I WAS RIGHT. ACOMAF reveals a whole lot of Rhys's personality and his true self. It just makes me love him even more than I already have. I was fangirling over him ever since he first appeared in this book with the awesomest entrance ever of, "Hello, Feyre darling." I was like

And then there are new characters we get to meet in Rhys's inner circle. There's Mor, Cassian, Azriel and Amren. They were a squad, all six of them together. It was so Six of Crows. The dynamic between them also remind me of Six of Crows. And it makes me wonder what if there was like a cross-over between ACOMAF and Six of Crows omg that would be epic. Also, I would love to see Kaz and Rhys in the same room. Heh ok back to the review, Najwa. So they were squad goals ok though Amren was kind of a bitch but she actually has a heart. Trust me.

There were also old characters coming back, Feyre's sisters, Elain and Nesta, Lucien too. I think Nesta's character development in this book was great. 

Okay now can we talk about the ships in this book. Oh my god there are A LOT OF SHIPS OK. 

We would've guessed from the very start that Feyre would definitely end up with Rhys right? I mean, if they don't, I have to kill someone. But in what way do they be together, we don't know. I kind of thought they from their bargain from Under the Mountain - that Rhys would come and get Feyre once a week - that they would slowly like fall for each other but nooooo, and omg THEY WERE MATES?! They were meant to be together. And I really love the time when Rhys told Feyre the story of how he finds out that she was his mate. That part was just really -GAH IDEK HOW TO SAY THIS.

And then there's Mor & Azriel. You didn't see them at first but as the book goes on, you can feel it. And at the end, when they were all at the Day Court meeting the King of Hybern, Azriel protected her. He was being all possessive and protective at the same time. I remembered him saying, "DON'T TOUCH HER." And i was like OMG ASDFGHJKLOIDAUSIDNUH.

Can we talk how the sexual tension between Cassian and Nesta are just really really intense. 
This gif just says it all.
Creds to Suya for this realization.
And at the very end, which came out of frickin nowhere, and was super extremely random, is the fact that ELAIN WAS LUCIEN'S MATE?!!!!!???!! HOLY CRAP WHAT WAS THAT. Heck yeah new ship just arrived at the dock guys, ready to set sail.


**End of spoiler section**

This was a long one. All in all, ACOMAF was great, Sarah J Maas nailed it alright. Probably the best book so far this year. I spent sleepless nights just thinking about it. It got me into a really bad hangover. IT WAS JUST SO GOOD GUYS IM NOT EXAGGERATING, THIS IS TRUE. Like, the average rating in Goodreads is 4.77 WHUT. If that doesn't convince you to start reading ACOMAF I don't know what will. So if you loved the first book, the second book is a whole lot better. But if you don't love the first book and thought it was just meh, don't hesitate to pick the second book because I assure you, it was multiple times better than ACOTAR. ACOTAR was level 1 while ACOMAF is level 100. Hah, again I'm not exaggerating. Just pick the book up.

And with that, I sign out by hereby proclaiming that Rhysand is mine. And only mine. I will not share. Thank you.

Oh I also did a fangirlish booktalk on my booktube channel. Here:

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