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Monday, 29 August 2016

Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard // book review

Actual rating: 4.5 stars
“But people we love come and go, Caddy. That doesn’t mean we loved them any less at the time.”  
― Sara BarnardBeautiful Broken Things

Synopsis from Goodreads:
I was braveShe was recklessWe were trouble 
Best friends Caddy and Rosie are inseparable. Their differences have brought them closer, but as she turns sixteen Caddy begins to wish she could be a bit more like Rosie – confident, funny and interesting. Then Suzanne comes into their lives: beautiful, damaged, exciting and mysterious, and things get a whole lot more complicated. As Suzanne’s past is revealed and her present begins to unravel, Caddy begins to see how much fun a little trouble can be. But the course of both friendship and recovery is rougher than either girl realises, and Caddy is about to learn that downward spirals have a momentum of their own.

First and foremost, I wanna thank Kevin from Bookevin (yall should check his blog out, hes fab) for giving your review copy of this book to me. Love you loads <3

Beautiful Broken Things has got to be one of my most favourite friendship contemporaries of all time. Like seriously people, why won't a lot of YA books promotes this kind of friendship in books. It was beautiful to say the least. Before this, I've been eyeing this book for quite a while because of the fantastic cover. I mean come on people, would you look at that??????!!! Its gorgeous.

The book is about this girl named Caddy (Mean Girls much?) who is the goody good girl. She always get good grades, perfect score and perfect famiily. I mean, what's there to complain? But nope, she thought her life is boring because nothing significant happened in her sixteen years of life. Soon after, Suzanne, a complete outsider move into their town and school and Caddy being such an insecure and annoying girl she is - no offense - was envious of Suzanne's friendship with her best friend, Rosie. And thats when the story starts being interesting.

The plot wasn't like any other YA contemporaries i've read. I was expecting for some romance to happen in between but no there wasn't any. It was all focused on friendship which I really really appreciate. It was unputdownable and such a page turner!

The strong element of female friendship in this book is undeniably amazing. I love how their relationship with each other developed into something more and after every page the story just gets more interesting with their developed friendship. It has a bit of child abuse- just a heads up - of Suzanne's background story. It was tragic and really upsetting to read those parts because I keep on thinking wow, there are actually people like that in this world.

I had minor problems with the characters hence why I didn't really rate it a full on 5 stars. For one, Caddy is immature, damn she can whine. Like, take a chill pill, Caddy you don't have to be insecure and jealous all the time. It's not like Rosie didn't care about you anymore. It's called making friends? Duh. Suzanne is also really annoying. The reason I can still tolerate with her is because of the fact that I was sympathy of her, thinking that she has gone through so much in her life that her attitudes were affected. On the other hand, I love Rosie. She actually played a big role in both Caddy's and Suzanne's life that I feel like she needed more credit.

The writing was okay-ish to me. Idk, personally I thought it was fairly simple and is really easy to understand - which I appreciate. And at some point, Sara wrote simple yet inspiring quotes that got to me deep inside my heart. Right in the feels. Especially the ending. GOSH I WAS A MESS OK IM NOT KIDDING.

Sara Barnard sure aced her first debut, I tell you that. So excited to read more from her.

I feel like this is such an underrated book SO I RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERYONE. If you want something pleasurable to read about a beautiful friendship, here is a perfect book for you.


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