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Thursday, 30 May 2013



Alhamdulillah, I'm still alive.

Hello and hope you guys are in a pink of health :)

Just a quick updatee via mobile (for the first time) .

Today was a very VERY tiring day. Spent about 6 hours outside and NOT at home. Yepp you read it right. 6 hours man! Went to the Wisma Persekutuan to make our Passports to Singapore soon! Yay :D With an annoying little sister who screams her lungs out, a non-stop-walking baby brother which he is the main reason I'm tired, a stressed-out mom who stressed me out too and a shy younger sister who even scared to buy food. So to summarised it all, today was a chaos.

So that's basically it. As I said earlier it's only a quick update so yeah. So.. Better get to sleep now. Or else I'm gonna wake up at noon tomorrow. Okay cheerio!

#7 days til' the AFS interview. Yikes! Super jittery :/


Jannah is our final and forever destimation, InsyaAllah :)

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