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Friday, 7 June 2013

AFS Perak Chapter

Hello to all :)

As I said earlier as I was accepted to go to an AFS interview and the INTERVIEW WAS TERRIFYING. But fun :)

Okay lemme tell you guys a bit about it.


I came in the interview room...

Me: Good evening..
Interviewer: Yes, good evening. Please take a seat
Me: Oh thank you.
Interviewer: How are you?
Me: I'm fine thank you.
Interviewer: So, please introduce yourself.
Me: My name is Najwa Nazifah bt Yu Zaini and I'm 17 years old. I am from Changkat Jering, Taiping Perak and I'm studying at SABK Maahad Al-Tarbiah Al-Islamiah. 
Interviewer: Okay Najwa, we are so sorry to tell you that the KIZUNA project in Japan you're applying is going to crash with your SPM. So your second choice is?
Me: Well, I am also applying for the YES scholarship to America.
Interviewer: Oh yes, I see. Okay let us start the interview.
Me: Oh ok.
Interviewer: So what is your highest achievement in primary school?
Me: Well, my highest achievement would be my participation in Cyberkids Camp in Malacca on National Level.
Interviewer: Oh, I see. What about secondary school?
**starts to panic**
(I don't have any high achievement in secondary school)

Me: Umm.. I am a student representative council in school which I think it is a high achievement.(I'm not really know whether it is a high achievement or not) Because its position in our school is below the teachers which means we are the highest position among the students and I also participate in public speaking competition.
Interviewer: Oh, did you participated in public speaking this year?
Me: Nope.
Interviewer: Why?
Me: I don't know, my teacher picks someone else.
Interviewer: Ohh. What if when you get to go to America, and then your host family is having a party with drinks and there are dogs in the house. What would you do?
*starts panicking again. that was unexpected*
Me: Uhmm, well, for sure, I won't drink! I will kindly reject any offerings from them and if they feel offended, I'll explain to them. And about the dogs, of course I'll tell them that touching it is against my religion ( OKAY WHY DID I SAID THAT? IT IS NOT AGAINST ISLAM. WE CAN TOTALLY CLEAN IT BACK WITH SAMAK. Stupidity in me. I hateeee ittttttt)
Interviewer: But even though you explain to them, the party is still going on. So how?
Me: Maybe I can join the party but will avoid as much drinks and foods as possible.
Interviewer: Oh okay. But what will you eat there? What if the foods are all non-halal?
Me: Maybe I can just go buy some vegetarian based-food. Because my mom told me that there's this food which is vegetarian-based that tastes like chicken and all. Or maybe I can just go fetch some veggies or fruits or maybe bread at a nearby grocery store.
Interviewer: Ohh okay. So, seems like you're going to another country, you must know the cultures of our country first. So how are you going to promote Malaysia there?
Me: Well, I can promote them by wearing traditional clothes or introduce some of Malaysian cuisine. Because Malaysia is well-known by its food right? And also Malaysia is known by its traditional dances. Maybe I can show to  them.
Interviewer: Wait... Dance you say? Interesting.... So can you dance?
*panicking again. they just asked me to dance wth*
Me: Uhmm.. uhmm.. Maybe. But I don't know much of the dances though.
Interviewer: So what dance do you know?
Me: Uhmm.. I don't know. The sumazau? I guess so...
Interviewer: Mind showing us a bit of Sumazau?
(I was like OMGGGGGG.)
Me: Well okay. 
*starts to dance*
Me: Well I only know that laah.
Interviewer: *laughs* Well, that's pretty good.
Me: Oh thank you.
Interviewer: You do know that there's another interview if you are shortlisted right?
Me: Really?
Interviewer: Yes. Okay Najwa, thank you. You may go now.
Me: Okay thank you too.
*gets out of the room feeling relieved*

And some of the interviewees rushed at me asking me what sorta question they asked and all. It was a wonderful experience yet horrifying haha :D

So, I guess I'll let you guys enjoy the photos :

While waiting for our names to be called. Strike a pose!

Our group photo weehee...

These are our facilitators. The one who's wearing the white tshirt is a returnee from Japan last year which is also a friend of mine. She is the one who introduced me to AFS. Thanks Chow Shenn Kuan!


Jannah is our final and forever destination, InsyaALLAH

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