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Saturday, 12 October 2013


Assalamualaikum and hello fellow readers,

How are you? Been a while since I post here well, although the last post seems like was published at today's date but it's actually written quite a few weeks ago but stayed unpublished. Sad right?

So by the way, the SPM is just really right around the corner. When I said around the corner, it means, 2 MORE WEEKS LEFT!!
Okay, stay calm, Najwa. BUT I CAN'T STAY CALM! (Okay I'm talking to myself.)

Back to my point. As it's literally around the corner, it makes me even more lazy to study. You guys know what I mean? You know, my ustaz said that when you try to escape from studying, especially when it's just 2 weeks left (well,technically) it's called escapisme. Anddddd escapisme is a very dangerous disease, coz we can't heal it if we don't have the awareness inside us. This disease is not like any other disease which we can organize a campaign or something, but it requires something within us. I mean like, we have to make an awareness campaign ourselves. By being aware that this disease is controlling you and by thinking and take action that you have to do something about it. Which is at this point, to go study.

A lot of people have been 'plagued' (wait, is that the word? idk) by this dangerous disease and they end up 'heartbroken'. Why? Because they get bad results. Why? Because escapisme is controlling them so and they didn't study for the exams and BAM! Boohoo for you.

So for you guys out there, if you saw your friends lazying around, or parents, if you see your child who is facing some exam looked relaxed, lazy, or maybe you saw them tweeting "spm countdown" but they just lazy to get their butts off to study, they maybe experiencing escapisme. Be aware and put a close eye on them, coz this disease is hard to heal. So maybe you can give 'em some face-to-face pep talks or idk, maybe buy a motivational book or smthing. Whatever, as long as they can heal this kind of sickness, it's perfect.

By the way, I am experiencing it right now and it's kinda contagious as all my friends are now experiencing it as well and I think this is all my fault. So, hope that'll heal. IDK, maybe. Please pray for me guys.

I WANT 12A+s FOR SPM . (I bet I can't just say that without some effort, so I think I'll stop procrastinating for a start.)

Pray for me guys. And I'll pray for us both to live happily.

Jannah is our final and forever destination, insyaALLAH.

~Najwa Nazifah Yu Zaini

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