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Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Omniphobia. That's more like it :)

According to Urban Dictionary, it is a fancy word for 'fear of everything'

Have you ever feel afraid?

Afraid of what people might say. You want to do that something but every time you start doing it, it holds you back. Because you're just afraid of what your friends might say.

Sometimes, you're just afraid. Afraid of what people might think of you. They might call you bad names -- fat, nerd, jerk, geek. And sometimes you're afraid that what you said might offend them. Or maybe annoy them. Because you don't know what's in their mind nor their hearts.

You're also afraid of your family. All you did for them never give them satisfaction. You're afraid and guilty that you still have the responsibility that you have to shoulder. As a child, or a parent or even any other family responsibilities. You're afraid that your actions reflect bad on all of them. All you did, gave was never enough. Eventhough you think that you did it perfectly, but to their eye, perfect is never in their dictionary.

At times, you're afraid of the world. You never wanted to challenge yourself for something new. You never wanted to try making an origami just because you're afraid you might get paper cuts. You never want to ride a plane just because you heard one news about airplane crashes. Then what's the point of living?

Yes, I 100% accept the fact that the aim of living today is to be closer to Allah, to please Him. That's fine but if you're keep on praying 24/7, with no social life which leads to no job, no money, no family and exactly no life. What's the point? Because pleasing Allah has a lot of ways and it's not just praying. Smiling to people is also one way to please Allah as smile is sadaqah. Islam is beautiful, mashaALLAH.

And sometimes you're just afraid of reality. Afraid to face what real life feels like. you regret the decisions you've made. You cry, scream, shout like it's the end of the world and saying "if I didn't do that," "if i didn't do this". Why regret? Like my mom always say, maybe there's a blessing in disguise, who knows right?

And sometimes, you're just afraid of everything.


You're afraid of growing up. You're afraid you might embarrass yourself in front of people. You're afraid of your own feelings. You never have self confidence in you. You feel you're not strong enough. You feel sad in the inside but you feel like not showing outside. You're afraid to tell people what you actually feel. You feel you're bad at everything. You never believe in yourself. You can't do something. You don't have something special in you. You feel no one wants you. You hate yourself so much. You wish you were someone else. You wish you were better. You're just afraid and you'd rather die than living in this world.

Me too guys. Me too.

But Allah will always be there when people won't. Remember.

La tahzan, innallaha ma'ana.

Jannah is our final and forever destination insyaALLAH~ Allahuakbar!


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