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Thursday, 6 February 2014



Topic post acah-acah macam baru masuk tahun baru je. Okay, it's already 6th of February lah. But still, it's 2014.

A huge apology for not updating earlier. So here I am, hello! I really don't know what to talk about right now. So I'm just gonna share some of my news at school and etc.

Now, as you all know, I'm taking STAM. And memorising is the most important part in STAM. And we need to memorise like a lot of things. 13 subjects man. And I need to hafal like 1 juzuk of the quran. And I only hafal for like 3 pages?! And that's only for a juzuk. Idk how people who hafal the 30 juzuk of alquran can do it. I salute to you all hafiz and hafizah out there.

I also have MUET and the real exam is on July. So like, it's only 6 months from now. I NEED A LOT OF  PRACTICE COZ I SUCK AT MUET like srsly. And we, form 6 will get a 1Malaysia RM250 Book Voucher and I'm gonna spend a bit of it on BBW 2014 and some of them for exercise books and John Greens books as well. And we'll get a RM1000 per year allowance. This is what it feels like to be in a pre-university stage lol. I'm targetting to go to BBW but there's also this international book sale named The Bookerville and it has a lot of sponsors like The Star, MPH, Harian Metro and etc. I CAN'T CHOOSE WHERE TO GO AND SPEND ALL THOSE MONEY!! I guess I can just go both. Spend RM125 at BBW and another RM125 at Bookerville. Muehehehehe that's more like it.

Pssst, last year's haul pun tak habis baca lagi, oh well.

And I hope there's gonna be PBAKL but PBAKL is not that fun coz it doesn't have cool books that is my interest.

Oh and last night, Hitz.FM had this hashtag thingy and we are asked to like hashtag #hitzBTR and send em our questions and our questions might be asked to Big Time Rush. I swear I was damn excited coz I'm a massive rusher and I tweeted for like a lot for that hashtag and SPAMMED everyone's timeline (sorry followers) and I didn't realize it was trending #1 at that time. I can't believe there are a lot of Rushers in Malaysia. I thought, I'm the only one that is super excited about Logan -or apparently known as HOLLYWOOD HENDERSON- appearing on-air on Malaysian radio haha. But sadly, my questions were not asked but one thing's for sure is that a lot of our questions about BTR coming to Malaysia is answered by Logan himself and he said they'll MAYBE come for their BTR 24/7 tour. I'm excited eventhough I can't go to their concert as it's but at least they'll be landing here in Malaysia and if I got lucky, terjumpa tengah2 jalan ke idk that's crazy. But who knows. And rumor has it saying that Taylor's gonna be in Malaysia as well for her RED tour asia. I just hope I can like jumpa her tengah2 jalan jugak lol at KLCC or maybe-just maybe-Taiping Sentral (like she's gonna come here in Taiping pshhh).

Okay I'm sorry for fangirling too much.


 i think that's it. Don't know what more to say. I better get reading last year's BBW haul as I'm gonna fill up the shelves with more later.
Those are some 2014 news about me. I'm still planning more things to do in 2014. May this be a really good year, insyaALLAH. Make doa for the best for me, I'll make one for you. Always.

Sorry for the hiccups but I hope there's enough bubbles to cheer you up. Sorry for everything guys.
Goodbye and assalamulaikum.

P/S: Sorry for the broken English. Sorry if I got the wrong infos. Sorry if I did or said the wrong thing. Ana budak baru belajar. Tegur tegur lah kalau salah. I'll accept it with open hearts.

Bak kata ustaz ana, prinsip 'jaga tepi kain orang' memang amat penting dalam kehidupan kita.( just a random thought teringat ustaz cakap dekat perhimpunan pagi tadi.)

Jannah is our forever and final destination, insyaALLAH~

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