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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Big Bad Wolf gone BAD

Assalamualaikum, peace be upon you :)

So as I said before, I was going to the BBW Fireball Booksale and I did! I went with my best friend, Sal and we decided to bring our sisters with us so that makes 4 of us.

Our journey begins on a Saturday night 1:10 am (okay that's sunday already but wtv). Our train was scheduled at 1:10 am so we arrived at the Taiping train station (the first train station in malaysia lol) at about 1 am and we waited and waited and waited and waited waited and waited waited and waited waited and waited -okay i think u get the point- and finally the train arrived. And you know what time is it by then?


So...we overnight in the train as it said in the ticket that it will probably be arriving at about 6:30 am or so. We had an uncomfortable night's sleep but for the sake of the wolf, we pretended it was so cozy. I woke up at 5:30 to find everyone in the train still snoring but I didn't have the mood to go back to sleep so I played Candy Crush hewhew.

And............finally we safely arrived at KL Sentral at 7 am!!!!! We prayed at the surau and took breakfast at KL Sentral's KFC. On 8:30 we bought LRT tickets to Serdang which is nearest to the MIECC The Mines( where the bbw will be held) and waited at the platform. The LRT arrived at 9 and it took us about 15-20 minutes to serdang. It's great to ride an LRT coz you'll never get tired of traffics.

When we hop off at Serdang we walked and walked and we have no idea where to go. We asked this makcik who sells goreng pisang and she said we can follow some students there. We thanked her by buying some drinks coz we seriously in need of water. Later, Sal scared us telling us that this indian man (which before this was on the lrt with us) is currently stalking us coz he keeps on staring us like O.o . I swear I were scared to death and I told her to cut it off and just proceed with our journey.

Suddenly we saw this group of male students and we started to follow them coz in case of anything happen to us, maybe they can probably help us yknow with some martial arts or smth idk. And we followed them until we finally saw the MIECC's building. We thank God coz we finally made it until here coz it's a far journey.

As we thought we had already arrived, we actually haven't. And now, we lost sight of students and we don't know where to go. We walked and walked in the mines' shopping mall and watch for signs and we followed with patient but we still can't find it. We suddenly caught sight of a guard and Naz asked him where the MIECC was and we followed his instructions.

AND FINALLY, okay this is the real FINALLY,

we started to smell new books, the aroma and the sight of  the entrance "BIG BAD WOLF FIREBALL BOOKSALE" makes us wanna jump of joy. We took pictures and the entrance and loads inside. It was probably 10:30 at that time and we spent about 3 hours of book hunting. We had lunch there and went back home.

Our journey home was a swift one. We felt satisfied and happy. Plus, the journey seems fast when we got back home. We arrived home safely at 8 pm and was happy that our mission is accomplished. The journey was pretty tired but worth it. Thanks so much for everyone who helped us along the way. WE LOVE YOU. lol

Here are some of my haul at BBW :

All of this costed me RM100 ! SO DAMN WORTH IT!

that's all for today goodbyeeeee!

Jannah is our forever and final destination, insyaALLAH~

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