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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Expecting the unexpected

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Assalamualaikum and hello to you guys out there.

Expecting the unexpected is hard. I never expect such unexpected things to happen in my life. I just expect things, and they always seem to come, well, expectedly. But I have to say expecting things too much will only bring you to disappointment.

I re-took my JPJ test a few days ago (my third time, that is), and I confidently expecting to pass it you know, and alhamdulillah, confidence for the first time in forever, make good things happen in my life, rather than embarrassing me at most times. In other words, alhamdulillah I finally pass the test. And I am now an official driver! Didn't get my license yet, still in the process though. Anyways, that's not the point here. It's just that, I thought, everyone would totally pass it if they took it for the 3rd time, I mean, the JPJ is not heartless, they just want our money. Lol kidding.

I asked a lot of my friends, they always pass when they took it for the 2nd and 3rd time, but surprisingly, I found this girl at the driving instituition who coincidentally were also going to retake the test. But unfortunately, she failed both tests, part II and III - FOR THE FOURTH TIME. She cried, when she got out of the car, shedding tears while running in the rain (this sounds so cliche even to me). She handed the slip at the counter and came sit beside me, shedding her tears away, maybe afraid they'd be noticeable. But too late, I was already patting her back, comforting her. It was sad to see someone's failure while you're succeeding. It kinda makes me feel guilty for no reason.

That's my point, we expect things, but they came out unexpected. And disappointment occurred (wait that's not the exact word here, oh well). But sometimes, they don't. For instance, I went to this site so-called dangerous site called Omegle( i bet a lot of you have heard about it) and I tried to make a conversation with a random stranger. Expectedly, they were all, well what you call em freaks trying to seek for cheap attention. Spambots, pervs were everywhere. I have to say, I was scared. So I finally realized something there which said, find strangers with common interests. So I finally decided to give it a try by putting the tag 'books' and press 'TEXT' . After a while of waiting, it appears, "You both like books" and a hi appeared on the screen.

Our conversation, unexpectedly went on and on without disconnecting each other. For the first time, it's actually a real conversation. But like always, all conversation came to an end. After 2 hours of conversing non-stop (he said that should be a record on omegle lol), we sadly bid our goodbyes but we exchanged emails so we could never lose contact. At first, I was doubting him that he would actually give me his real email, so I decided to send him an email, to test whether he's real or not real(aaaah reminds me of peeta mellark). To my surprise, he replied.

So the point is, expecting the expected has it's pros and cons. I think we better expect the unexpected as in to dream beyond our expectation so that we would never feel too disappointed in the future.

As I heard somebody says, "If people said our dreams are not crazy, we're not dreaming big enough."

So, I seriously don't know what I'm babbling here but I hope you get the point. This post is dedicated to Ain and Eri :) Thanks for inspiring.

Til then.

Jannah is our final and forever destination, insyaALLAH~

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