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Sunday, 15 June 2014

New chapter


Finally had the chance to be here. It's been a while since I last write. Ah it feels good to be back.

A lot of things happened recently for the past few weeks that made me having this writer's block. I don't know if you guys happen to know or not but I'm a college student now. I admit, I was kind of scared to be in the new world of college life but so far, it's not as bad as what I've expected.

Orientation week was hell, literally. It was freaking tiring. We only have 3 hours of sleep everyday and we have to go back and forth from our room to the hall. And you know what it takes to get to the hall? Hill hiking, numerous stair climbing, and endless walking. The content of the orientation was okay, partially, it was fun. There were games and awesome activities all thanks to abang kakak AJKO (we miss you guys). But other than that was boring lectures about the college blablabla and stuff. Now come to think of it, I kind of miss orientation week.

I've gone pretty close with a lot of people here and I can't believe that people here are actually nice. (not that i expect them to be mean but they're like super nice.) I got too attached with my classmates and roomies coz they're the face that I see everyday now. Technically, although I've been here for less than a month, I already feel like they're my family. My roommates are those freaking awesome people. Trust me, they're super awesome and friendly and GAHHH I LOVE THEM. We almost shared the same interests and they enjoy whatever I enjoy. Although they kind of despised Taylor but, seriously what is Taylor compared to them?
We got along pretty well and they're such amazing people. We think alike, we fangirl together everyday on TFIOS (like srsly, TFIOS needs to come out already).

This place is waaaaayyyyyy different than school. We can bring handphones to class, our laptop, we don't have to wear uniforms, and we're like adults now. But when it comes to education system, it's way different than school. We have lectures, tutorials and practicals to attend. Lectures are okay which is exactly my favourite among all of the things in my schedule. I hate that I slept in lectures and when it comes to tutorials, I can't answer a thing. Thank God my classmates are there to make it up for me. The lecturers here are unexpectedly different from the teachers at school. Once you didn't take notes or jot them down, they'll never gonna repeat the same info and it's a loss for you. They expect you to come over to them in their cubicle if you don't understand something.

Our schedules packed, from 8 til 5. We only have an hour of break and that's not enough. That's only the time when we can actually see the lecturers in their cubicle, and to go pray Zohor and stuff. Our only study time is after 5 til night. And you know what happens at night, we passed out with our books in our faces, our study table unarranged, books everywhere. Yea, picture that out.

The food's here okay, I guess but a wee bit too pricey for us students. Our allowance can't top our daily expenses as we have to buy exactly everything on a daily basis. For instance, lecture notes are compulsory for us to buy, they don't just give us the notes like teacher in school does for free. There are great facilities here that I love though. Our Kedai Siswa spares us everything we wanted to buy, ranging from snacks to toiletries. There's a clinic if we ever get sick and for entertainment, there's a golf course, a tennis court, a volleyball court, a badminton court and also a squash court! There is also a gymnasium and the library here is huge, they facilitate a lot of things for students like computers and stuff.

So, to top it all, college life is tiring yet it rocks.

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