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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Suckishly awesome


this post might make me sound like a bitch so bear with me.

Been a while eh? I was super duper busy with college and for the umpteenth time, COLLEGE PLAIN SUCKS.

Why you ask?

1. Hectic schedule
2. No time to revise because packed with assignments and tutorials
3. Not enough time to finish projects, assignments and tutorials
4. THEY TEACH LIKE A FERRARI (like, calm down man)
5. Syllabus and contents are harder (and it's only the first semester)
6. Pop quiz every two weeks (which affects our PB when we get low marks)
7. NO TIME TO RELAX (even on weekends)
8. no freedom
9. Food's expensive

But then again, there's the bright side.

1. Awesome roommates
3. amazing activities
4. cool lecturers
5. Technologies are free to use
6. There's a tv room where we can watch movies
7. The place's huge and we can jalan-jalan everywhere
8. Lots of entertainment
9. Other things i cant think of right now

But these past few weeks had been great, and ramadhan here is not too bad at all. Tarawih meriah, iftar super meriah. There's a bazaar where they sell street foods and i think it's amazing. My daily meal for breakfasting is whether Nasi Ayam, Nasi Lemak or Bihun sup. The taste's not too bad but yeah, a bit pricey. Classes are a bit exhausting in ramadhan, stair and hill climbings are hell. I always overslept and miss sahur which makes me all the more exhausted. I already put on 4 alarms on my phone starting from 4, 4:30, 5 and 5:30 and it's annoying when at times I DIDN'T HEAR ANY OF THEM. I was planning to qiyam but shaytan always wins it's such a bummer.

Oh and we organized an iftar jamaie for all our classmates and I THINK THAT THE IFTAR WAS INCREDIBLY INDESCRIBABLY AMAZING. Never had so much fun for quite a while. It was precious, everything went well and i think it was perfecto. I'll attach a few pics for you guys ;)

And today marks the day of our last ramadhan here in KMPk. I stayed up last night along with Rabia, Ekin and Shera, finishing our assignments (i know, nak balik pun still ada assignment) and slept at about 3 and woke up at 4, continue to get it done but then my eyes went droopy so I slept again, and unexpectedly woke up at 6:30. Again, i didn't hear any of my alarms so my aim to qiyam once again lost to shaytans. Ugh.

 I was rushing as I still got class for today (even though i plan to ditch) but thank God class today was awesome. Sir Am just tells us his stories and such, it was great. Oh yeah I got my Computer Science quiz an A minus. It's not the best but yay at least better than the previous quiz. And there's only less than 10 people that came to class today coz they're getting ready to go back to their hometown. Now, I am alone in my room, with all my roommates gone back to their home, waiting patiently for my mom to come and pick me up so that we can go to BBW and HOME SWEET HOME BABY.

EXCITED AF. Hope our journey home went safe and sound insyaALLAH.

So I guess I'll be going for now. Til then, assalamualaikum.

-Najwa signing out.

Rocking out lab coats before Physics practical class.

Physics mentor-mentee programme (i'm a mentee btw coz i suck)

Iftar jamaie' with le girls

Iftar bersama KMM



Jannah will be our forever and final destination, insya-ALLAH amiin 

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