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Monday, 4 August 2014

Life as a matriculation student #1

*alarm rings*
I woke up, my eyes are still droopy and my head's still heavy, reluctant to get out of bed. Flipping my phone and the clock displays 5:00 am.
"Baru pukul 5" and with that, I pulled my duvet, snuggling inside like a cocoon and pull back to slumber. Soon, my alarm rang again and I groaned in annoyance.
"5:15 Assolatu khairu minannaum" displays in big letters of my phone. Tiba-tiba sentap.
Astaghfirullah. What the hell is wrong with me? Always give chances to shaytans to do their job perfectly. I woke up facing reality, switched on the study place's light and tidy up my bed. I drank a big gulp of water for sahoor before rushing out to the bathroom through our creaky room door *creeeeeeekkkkkk*. Oh I'm gonna wake them awake if it's like this.
The outside air is quiet, the eerie silence makes all the hair on me rise and cause a tingle on my spine.
'Don't think of Paranormal Activity at a time like this' I said to myself.
Grabbing my toiletries, I went in the empty shower and get a quick shower and wudhu'.
Went back inside my room *creeeeeeekkkkkk* goes the annoying little door. Dayah heard it and rubbed her eyes awake.
"Najwa, pukul berapa dah ni?"
"5:30 lebih kot?"
She nods and went back to sleep. Phew.
I get dressed in our formal dress, baju kurung and took my telekung before glancing at my watch.
5:36. Still have time.
I prayed for what seems like forever until the azan is heard and prayed subuh. After a while, I open my whatsapp to see a message in "Dinamika Project Group 1" thread.
Shit today's the presentation.
I quickly grabbed my laptop. I clicked a file named "Folio Dinamika" and modified it a bit to make it perfect but still, we're in need of 1 more point which our so-called responsible group chief, Zakri couldn't find it. 'Great, just great.' I thought sarcastically. This is gonna be a long day.
I glance at my watch again, 6:50. Whoa how long did I type that thing? I went to grab my books for today and threw it my backpack.
Slinging it onto my back along with my file, I took a deep breath, "Bismillah I hope this day starts and ends well. Here goes nothing." With that I stepped out of the room, "Bye guys" I bid my roommates before they replied back.
Trudging my way downstairs, I caught sight of the cafe, oh yeah puasa, lupa pulak. So I turned my heels and went to the lecture hall.
*cricket sounds* Am I that early? I thought.
And soon, a group of girls went in the hall and I followed on their tails. Empty and warm. Took a seat at the 5th row as the front was occupied by the group of girls.
Soon, people are pouring into the hall, it was crazy. And then I saw the familiar mop of black hair which quickened my heartbeat. I try to control myself from staring but I can't. He sat 2 rows in front of me. Calm down, Najwa. Conceal, don't feel.
Hanis and the rest of my classmates arrived as they greet me. My row was not taken by anyone so that row is preoccupied by us F1T8. Our lecture went smoothly and we got a free period after. Went to finish dinamika project and then hang out at the library.
Dinamika was hell, literally. Our group was to present and unfortunately we got humiliated in front of the whole class. During the Q&As session, Zul, being the nicest boy he is (i am being sarcastic), just had to ask so many complicated questions on us and smirked evilly. Thanks a lot, Zul. Aku memang tahu what legitimasi means. *rolls eyes*
Thank God we survived dinamika and we got an hour break.
"Tengok ah nanti presentation korang aku tanya soalan banyak-banyak" I said to Hanis which happens to be in a group with Zul. Zul just laughed and ignored my remark. Don't believe me aye? Okay, just you wait.
We then, went to the library to work on our unfinished assignments. And study a little bit. Next week UPS can someone kill me?
I slept the entire lecture during physics and I hate myself for that.
"Class dismiss, assalamualaikum and have a nice day."
We packed our stuff and poured out through the small door.
Next class is English and then baliiikkkk. I, excitedly went to English class and unfortunately we got a reading comprehension test. It was all good, really until it was time to get back home. Alhamdulillah the day ends good, as what I've hoped for.
I walked happily to my dorm, "assalamualaikum"
And Yana squared (Liyana and Diyana) instantly replied "waalaikumussalam".
I took off my socks, and handsocks and took wudhu for zuhr prayer.
After praying, I lay down on my bed and my eyes went droopy all over again. My body aches of tiredness and all I need now is a nap. A short nap before asar.
I put on my alarm for 5 pm and sleep.
*alarm rings*
Yawning, I got up and took wudhu and prayed asar. Afterwards, I grab my backpack and stuff in my math books. I plan to hang out at the cafe til iftar as there'll be fogging of dengue and 'Charlie' insects. But then the siren blared, in sign of there's an announcement.
"Assalamualaikum wbt dan selamat sejahtera. Harap maaf, fogging hari ini dibatalkan. Harap maklum"
And I without a doubt, laid back on my bed with a book on my chest and unexpectedly fell asleep. Again. I, yet again hate myself for that.
I rubbed my eyes awake and flip my phone. 7:15. Oh shit.
Astaghfirullahala'zim. I keep on chanting it over and over again. Ya Allah what is with me?
I panicked and get dressed. I curse and swear rather often as I ran down to the cafe. As I arrived at the cafe, I went to buy food for iftar and again as the unfortunate one, food's all out.
'Great' I mumbled to myself rather sarcastically.
I deserved it and I know it. I sighed and bought a drink. I guess my iftar today is only mango juice then.
Trudging back upstairs, "Lauk habis."
"What?!" said Izz.
"Yeah takde apa dah. Just kena order lah. I malas ah."
"You nak bukak puasa kan? I ada maggi, nak?"
My eyes shine delightedly, " Nak!!!" Izz laughed and took a cup of maggi before handing it to me.
"Thanks, izz" and she mumbled an 'okay'.
I prayed Maghrib, and read Quran a little and prayed Isya'.  Then, ate my maggi as I took my books and do math.
Dayah stormed in, "Najwa esok ada quiz math kan?"
My eye went wide as saucers "Serious?" She nods.
"Asal kitorang tak dapat info pun?" I argued. She just shrugged.
I quickly grabbed my phone and whatsapp-ed our class group and they all were shocked as I was. I whatsapp-ed Zul for confirmation as he's the goody-good boy, he must know everything regarding education and studies. But then he said he didn't know nor cared as it doesn't affect our UPS. He just wants to finished his assignments coz that's what's important.
I scoffed, "He's such a nerd." and I grit my teeth, added, "I can't let him win this challenge."
And so, I felt determination taking over me and went to do my math assignments and Zul, being the 'good' boy he is ruined my precious moment with math, by sending a video that made me replay it over and over again. I replayed for like 5 times and I still felt the urge to press the replay button.
You know what's happens next right. PROCRASTINATION occured.
I totally need to throw this phone miles away from me. I just can't.
And now here I am typing out this post. Maths till unfinished and haven't studied for tomorrow's quiz at all.
Damn what the hell am I gonna answer on the damn paper tomorrow?
Wish me luck people. Ily xx
-Najwa signing out exhaustingly

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