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Friday, 22 August 2014

Life as a matriculation student #2 - Mentor Mentee Programme

I took a glance at my watch, 3 o'clock sharp. YEAH time to go back.

The squeaky sound of chairs being pushed was echoing the small classroom. We rushed out of the class, struggling through the small door while that familiar mop of black hair stayed at his place patiently. He's always the last one to go out, and the first one to come to class. Such a guy.

Down the stairs we go, chatting between us, ranging from topics such as "what a day" to "what homework do we need to hand in by tomorrow?" and stuff related to them.

But then Rabia nudged me, while I let out a squeak, "Apeee?" I was always the sensitive one.

"Mentor mentee physics malam ni." she said nonchalantly.

"Pukul berapa?"

"Pukul 8. Nanti kita buka puasa, terus pergi lah."

"okay kita buka sama eh?" I asked with a smile before she nodded and return back a smile. We went on our own ways, back to our dorm.

Third floor here I come.

Phew! That was tired, I mumble to myself. I walked along the corridor to find my room marking the number 14. Swivelled the doorknob, 'damn, locked'. They must be having lunch downstairs and haven't come up. Oh well.

I took my keys and jammed it into the doorknob. Click. Creeeeeeekkkkkk goes the door. Someone have got to get this annoying door fixed.

I rushed over to the bathroom and took a quick bath and took wudhu. Afterwards, I prayed zuhur and laid down on my bed. Without realizing, I fell asleep.


I gasped awake and flipped my phone to see 5:00 on the screen. Gosh it's been an hour? Feels like a minute. I got up lazily and took wudhu for Asar. Then I took out my books and homeworks that needs to be done and is due tomorrow. But then, the existence of this goddamn phone made all my work on hold. I manage to finish almost half of the work. 

Then it's almost maghrib. I texted Rabia, 'Dah solat bagitau nanti kita pergi cafe' she replied, 'okay'

When the azan was heard, I make doa and took a few gulps of water before praying maghrib. After praying, I trudged downstairs and waited for Rabia. And Rabia's door opened, "Najwaaaaa pergi dulu lah kite baru nak solat"

"Laaaah hmm okay lah nanti jumpa dekat sana" she nodded and shut the door closed.

Making my way to the cafe, my phone rang in sign of a message, "Shera F1T8 KMPk: Aku datang lambat sikit tau ada perjumpaan PRD. Dekat mana eh?"

I typed, "Okay. Dekat BT9." and press send.

Arriving at the cafe, I took a plate and put nasi goreng with chicken. That'll do. I ate and ate but Rabia still haven't come. Where the hell is she, I thought.

Soon the clock struck 8, Rabia's still not here. That's it I can't take it anymore. I decided to text Rabia and that's when someone called my name.

"Finally Rabia kau buat apa lama sangat." I said, waving my hands up for added effect. She laughed, "Solat lah" laughs again, "dah makan?"

"Dah lama dah." I said, rolling my eyes at her before she let out another laugh.

"Apa yang lawaknya?" I asked, slightly annoyed.

"takde pape lah"

"Cepat ah Rabia, nanti diorg tunggu. Pukul 8 dah ni."

"okay okay" and off she went to take her food. I sat opposite of her while she eats and suddenly her phone rang. I took it and the caller ID reads, 'Zulhairi'.

I panicked, "Weh weh zul dah call dah."

"Angkat jap aku tengah makan lah. Bagitau dia kita nak sudah dah." Rabia said.

Pressing the answer button I squeaked, "Hello?"

"Hello assalamualaikum."
"Waalaikumussalam. Zul ni rabia tengah makan ni tunggu jap nanti kitorang datang." I said in one breath.
"Okay kita buat dekat mana?"
"BT 9."
"So korang nak suruh aku tunggu kat mana ni?"
"Tunggu dekat....." I grimaced, at Rabia which then she screamed through the phone, "Tunggu dekat LH6, LH6!!!"
I heard his soft laugh, "Okay okay bye."
"Bye assalamualaikum."

"Jom" Rabia said, while standing up. We went to LH6 but didn't catch sight of Zul or Zal. Where are they?

"Tadi semangat sangat nak tau dekat mana." I said.

"Jap aku call." said Rabia while punching numbers on her phone.
"Nah guna phone aku free."
"Tak cakap awal2 dah bunyi dialing tone dah takyahlah."

"Hello zul ko kat mana? Kitorang kat LH6 lah. Yeeeeee. Kat BT9. Ko mana? Okay okay kitorang tunggu. K bye."

"Dia cakap apa?" I asked, curiosity killing me.

"Zul and Zal on the way."

I spun around, seing two boys making their way to us. Despite the darkness, I manage to know who they are. "Tu diorang."

Rabia spun around and smiled to both guys, "Jom".

The four of us made our way to BT9, finding out that Class B are already there. "Tu la Rabia orang ajak makan awal taknak " I blamed her and she frowns.

"Main2 je lah Rabia." I grinned.

We took our seats, Rabia in front of me, Zul, a table gap beside me while Zal sat at the opposite of Zul.

Then Zul interrupt, "Kita nak buat apa harini."

"Siapkan tutor, PSPM and UPS dalam fail tu." Rabia told us. We nodded and did as we've been told to do. We asked Rabia a few questions regarding our work that we don't know and when she didn't know, we'll go ask Hafiz. Hafiz is a Physics genius, I'm not even kidding.

Sya and Shera arrived afterwards as they both have a PRD meeting.

"Aku tak tau lah Najwa, ce tanya Sya." Rabia whined.

I made my way to Sya "Sya ajar ni jap."

So she taught me how to do it when suddenly something caught my eyes, Hafiz playing with his Rubik's cube, solving it in just a blink of an eye. It's like his hands automatically went on hyper mode on the cube. God this boy is a freakin genius. After he has finished, I took the cube and solved it, Hafiz just looks at me, "Takyah lah tengok, aku bukan sepandai kau." Soon after, "Ahha! Siap pun." and I smirked victoriously.

I suddenly got addicted to that goddamn cube and do it over and over again. Zul suddenly spoke, "Kau hafal step dia ke apa?"

"Ye lah, tapi lambat. Janji siap."

Then Rabia spoke rather angrily, "Najwa, aku kira sampai 3 kalau ko tak berhenti main, jagalah."

"Last!!! Japp nak siap dah."


"Sabar lah "




Shera clapped, "bravo najwa."

"Dah buat kerja!" Rabia exclaimed angrily.

"Okay okay nak buat la ni."

Snickers from Zal and Zul could be heard.

"Next week aku nak bagi tugas kat korang. Najwa and Zul, partner ajar Chapter 6. Get ready. Isnin nak kuiz dah. So kita buat hari jumaat."

We both nodded, "Okay mentor." I said sarcastically.

Soon after.....

"Jom aaa balik najwa dah pukul 9:30." Rabia whined.

"Sabar lah tak siap lagi niiii aku dalam bilik kang tido." I argued.

"Tulah tadi main2 sangat cube tu." she rolled her eyes.

I grinned, "Sorry Rabia."

"Jom ah balik." Shera spoke.

"Haih semua tak sabaq eh nak balik, jom lah." I sighed in defeat.

Packing up my stuff, we went out of the classroom, bidding both guys goodbyes and off we go.

"Nanti jumaat ni jangan lupa eh Najwa." Rabia reminded.

"Okay okay."

"Jom pi bistro." Shera suddenly changed the subject.

We bought some stuff, food drinks before going back to our dorm.

"Bye" we bid before parting our own ways to our room.

Well that was a great night.

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