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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Short story #1 : Tutor

"You got that?" he asked after what seems like forever of explaining the concept of rotational force.

I put a thumbs up in sign of okay. "Good. So, proceed."

I took my stuff away from him and sat at the opposite of him and started to jot down the working calculation. I mumbled a few equations to myself and nodded.

"Okay?" he asked, his eyebrows above his forehead. Gosh what should I do. I don't want this to be a TFIOS moment. Oh whatever. Finally, I nodded, "Okay."

I did a few questions while his eyes were on my work, I stole a glance at him and he noticed. "What?" I exclaimed.

"What? Nothing." he argued. He leaned his back on the chair and scrolled his music playlist. I sighed before turning back to my work and scrunched my eyebrows.

He looked at me with concern before I turned to him,  "Alex, I can't do this. I don't understand how it works." I tapped my pen on the question that I did midway and he took the book before sighing.

"You don't have to make the problems more complicated. This will just get you a headache." he sighed, while pointing to the complicated working I did. "Here." he took a pencil and write the equation on my working paper. After finishing, he smirked victoriously, "That's more like it."

"Wait, why did you cancel the letters? It differentiates the normal force."

"Cause the normal force is the same."

"No, the force is not the same. See?" I argued while pointing to the question diagram.

"Oh yeaaaahhh. Okay do it your way." and so I did.

"So?" I asked, showing the calculation.

"Nicely done. Bravo." he nods, impressed. "But it would be easier if you do like this." he took my paper and scribbled his work, when he's finished, he gave me the paper, "It's much easier this way." he smiles, which makes my stomach goes sick. I scanned his handwriting, and I stole a glance at him while he was busy scrolling down his phone.

"Why can't I be as perfect as him?" I thought to myself.

"What time are we going back?" he suddenly asked.

"Probably now. We've been here for hours." says Rebecca, our tutor in charge.

We stood up, pack our bags and Rebecca bids us goodbye. I packed my things while Alex packed his and I nervously mumbled, and it was almost inaudible, "Thanks Alex. Bye.", never looking up to him.

That very night, I can't sleep. All I think is Alex, Alex and Alex. Why is he so smart? Why is he so....imperfect but at the same time, so perfect? I can't let him be that way. I have to do whatever it takes to beat him cause I can. And I will.


Okay so I know this is crappy. I haven't write stories like these in wattpad for months. Oh well who actually read this shit anyway?

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  1. "this shit" was incredible! lalala I'm in fairytale ;-)


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