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Monday, 22 February 2016

Semester Break Adventures

Sorry I've been on a long hiatus! *absent-mindedly cleans cobwebs*

hey guys it has been forever. well it feels like forever. since i wrote in here wow i really miss blogging. get ready for the cliche apology incoming in 3.............2..................1........

I'm sorry I have been busy with college assignments and stuff. FORGIVE ME PLEASE. OR I WILL NEVER SLEEP IN PEACE.

Well then.

But seriously though, my life had been hectic since the day I step into university in the first place. Schedules pack, more commitments at home and also school so let's go on to the details.

I just got back from a month of my semester break and the past month has been nothing but a one hell of a ride. My days filled with me being the housewife, babysitter, driver and bibik for a whole month. And I swear to god it was the most exhausting one month of my life! So that's how its like to be a housewife. Geez housewives should really get extra credit okay. But anyway my day usually started by driving my 7-yr-old sister to school, then getting breakfast, then cook (well not really), doing the dishes, the big pile of laundry and it all ends at Zuhur, around 1pm where I finally have the time to myself - to take baths, pray and manage myself. And then my little sister got back at about 2pm and I need to get up and about again because I need to prepare her lunch (and feed her as well bcs she's such a baby). Soon after my little brother got home from kindergarten and I had to do the same thing. I literally have no time for myself to relax. The only time I can sit, relax and read is when it's bed time. Which explains why I didn't read so much during my sem break. sighs

And then there was an unexpected twist of events.

My grandma got sick. Her blood pressure was so low and she got into the hospital. To say we were shocked is an understatement because she was very well at home. Though sometimes she get a bit off and weary which makes us suddenly realize why she was that way in the first place. And all the puzzle fit together. No wonder she ain't eating much at home. She was sick. So she got warded for 4 nights, so I got to stay for 4 nights in a hospital too yay . The reason of my yay is because I AM FREE FROM BEING A HOUSEWIFE AT HOME (omg jahatnya hahahah). Don't try this at home kids.

Soon after things are settled with my grandma and she was well and okay again, we went to KL. It was a short trip but it was good. I haven't been to kl for quite a while now and I somehow miss it. We went to Makngah's house and I got to spend time with my cousins which is really nice even though it was only for a little while.

And then we went to Miss Amal's wedding in Bukit Mertajam which we initially planned to go in a group of F1T8 but due to CNY, a lot of people can't make it because the tickets for trains and buses to north are all sold out. I was really sad at first but oh well things happened right? We prepared a huge card of wishes for Miss and also bought a wedding gift which was from all of us and we were so glad she liked it! Totally worth the trip, money and effort. Oh and at the time I was sad I couldn't find any familiar faces, even some of the lecturers from kmpk. It was kind of disappointing but then as I was about to go out from the wedding hall I saw someone. It was Shad. I jumped out of excitement (seriously, i literally jumped. ask my mom) seeing him and was like, "EH OMG SHAD KATA TAK DATANG OMG KAU DATANG JUGAK!!!!" with so much enthusiasm. Way to stay cool, Najwa. Chill level: -927328635. Maybe it's because I miss my friends from KMPk so so much that even though I get to see only one person from the foxtrotters, it relieves the feeling a bit. Lepas rindu, kata orang heheh

So yeah I guess that's it for now? Til next time then (which im not sure when)

signing out,

p/s: i thought of documenting my sem break adventures in a vlog bcs i filmed some stuff i did so tell me if you guys want to see it. still in the process of editing gosh so may things i wanna do yet so little time

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