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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

We Were Liars by E.Lockhart // book review

My first ever book review bcs I suck at reviewing books so let's just see where this leads to.

Rating: 4.6/5 STARS

I have seen this book everywhere on Instagram. Not even one reader who have not read this book (well except for me) and they claim to really really LOVE IT so I can't take it anymore. I tell myself, "I HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK OR IM NEVER GONNA LIVE IN PEACE". So I did. And boy how I thank those people so much for raving about this book non-stop! It was SOOOOO GOOD AND WORTH IT. 

A little bit about the book
This book tells about the story of the Sinclairs, a really wealthy and high-class family who owns a private island. The owner of the island, Harris Sinclair builds 3 houses on the island and gave each of them to his 3 daughters and they had a tradition where every summer, all 3 of his daughters will bring along families of their own to stay in the island. Every. Freaking. Year. HOW AWESOME IS THAT????!!!

The narrator of the story is Cadence who is obviously a Sinclair, the eldest grandchild in the family and the one who Harris loves the most. 

And then there were the Liars. I bet you want to know who they are. Cadence, Gat, Mirren and Johnny. They call themselves the Liars which I think is a pretty cool squad name. Mirren and Johnny are both Cadence's cousin but Gat was totally an outsider. Gat came along with his uncle which happens to be Cadence's aunt's boyfriend(well it's kind of complicated if you read it that way lol) but anyway, the Liars have always been a group, they did pretty much everything together every summer on the island. It's only in the summer they can actually see each other which was cool and sad at the same time. Sometimes they write letters to each other when they're apart but they hardly keep in touch other than that.

Suddenly, one summer, something bad happened which wipes out Cadence memories and she hardly remembers anything. And the problem is, NO ONE WANTS TO TELL HER. So she came back to spend the summer on the island, two years after the accident to try and remember what really happened.

Ok I think I'm just gonna stop there. Or else I'm gonna give out spoilers.

What I think

**Non spoilery section**

I read the first quarter of the book in ebook and I swear I couldn't get to it that much. I usually read faster on ebook but for this, I don't know, it just doesn't call to me? If that makes sense. Every chapter seems like a filler and it was so slow I kind of feel like sleeping throughout the first few chapters. And the fact that there were so many things going on that I have no idea what the hell is happening really annoys me hahah but it was the reason I kept on reading. I was curious. 

And then came the second half of the book, things are getting intense. The accident, Cadence not remembering anything. And everyone just doesn't even wanna tell her what's going on. I WAS SO PISSED OFF OK? It got me off my seat, wanting to know the truth as if I'm Cadence at the time. And then, just out of nowhere the truth comes out. BAM! Suddenly it's there I WASN'T EVEN EXPECTING THAT!!!! Actually I did but then I had doubts. And OHMYGOD it broke my heart to pieces. Gosh, thanks E.Lockhart. You should've given me a warning. I don't have any feelings at the end though, I wasn't too absorbed at the time I finished it I guess. 

The thing I like about this book is that the form of sentences the author put is really beautifully written in some sort of poetry form? Like, repetitive words, short sentences with really deep meaning. I really like it. It somehow gives out the personality of the narrator herself, Cadence. It connects me to her. I feel like I was reading Cadence's diary. And I feel like I was actually her. And that's saying something.

This book has so many characters I tell you. I had a hard time remembering who was who from which family. And also the places, there are like so many places I can't even remember where is where as well. Thank God it has a map at the beginning of the book which helped me a lot. I got to know them better throughout the book. By the end of it, I feel like I was a part of them, it made me attached to them at some point. I love each and every characters in the book, even The Littles and the golden retrievers. I think that's what makes me sad when this book ended. I somehow feel I am a part of it.

I also like the romance between Cadence and Gat. It was cliche at some point but they are still so cute and adorable together, sometimes it makes me want to have my own Gat <3<3 Gat, my Gat.


The ending was mindblowing to say the least. By the end, it all started to make sense. It was a fucking game all along?????? 


So basically all this time Cadence is just acting like a maniac doing all those stuff alone???? WITH GHOSTS???? Or is it just her hallucination?? It became creepier by the minute. But either way, I AM SO MAD AND PISSED OFF AT EVERYONE WHO KEPT IT FROM HER. That poor, poor girl.

The time when she found out, I swear I gasped so loud my roommate was surprised. She was all like, "you okay?" and I composed myself and said, "yeah totally" while I AM ACTUALLY NOT FINE AT ALL. I didn't cry though, maybe because I was so mad of the ending I didn't have time to be sad. But the time the liars were parting from each other, i think i teared a little when they all said goodbye and farewells until they all ascended into the ocean. Gosh that part got me. I was this close to bawling. And i love how Cadence reminisce the times she spent with the liars, describing her thoughts on each and every one of them and seeing how much they meant to her.


All in all, I really really enjoyed this book. Maybe it's because I try to not put my hopes to high on the book and I avoid myself reading reviews on Goodreads (bcs reviews always influnce me on what i think about the book) which I think that is why I find this book really good. I highly recommend for you guys to read this book, it's a bit slow at first but just bear in mind that it gets better in the end.

signing out,

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